Discovering Borderless Talents
AI-enabled Sport-Tech Venture
offer Data Analytics and intuition of champions Technology to reveal the future emerging elites.
Blutalents is the missing link between football clubs and athletes with a passion to assist professional and local clubs to find the best-suited players for every role and help athletes to reach their full potential on the football field.
At Blutalents, we rely on scientific methods and AI analysis to achieve only reliable and thorough results. Our tests are designed by a team of athletes, experts, and university professors and further developed under the supervision of a group of professional football coaches.
In phase 1, we evaluate athletes from 3 aspects: physical, mental, and anthropometrics. Then they will be scored based on their own performance and anthropometric measurements in order to choose the talents for each role.
Our team consists of professional athletes, coaches, and scientists from the United States, Germany, Japan, and the middle east, with years of experience in teaching, coaching, talent identification and development.

BLUTALENTS  as an AI-enabled sport-tech was established in early 2020. It focuses on the state-of-the-art talent identification technology in sports, particularly football.
Blualents is unique because of its distinct tech and experts; 
One, employing quantitative scales, cognitive analysis, and Genetic tests through AI and data analysis engines, 
and also collaborating with sought-after Scholars, international professors from the US, Asia, and Europe, as well as Olympics athletes and world championships.
At first steps, we developed a three-stage talent identification process specifically designed for football players between 6 to 18. The screening will be on 24 different physicals, anthropometrics, and health. In the second stage, the adaptability of athletes with training conditions and their trainability potential will be measured based on training ability or secondary evaluation. The third stage is where mental, cognitive, and biological traits required in football are evaluated and then football teams with specified roles for each person are introduced at different ages (U10, U12 U14 U18).
This method of talent identification is suitable for clubs and countries interested in working and investing in future elites.
The BLUTALENTS team currently consists of 26 passionate professionals, including sports champions, business and tech-savvy experts with demonstrated track records. To make our dream, 'Discovering borderless Talents', we are expanding internationally in middle-east, Europe.



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